Web component library


ORGENIC UI is a new and growing set of ready-to-use web components for creating User Experience driven HTML5 applications. Built and composed by MAXIMAGO – one of germany’s leading interface agencies.

Made for the future

ORGENIC UI combines web components, CSS custom properties and perfect user experience to prepare your applications for the future. Built with Stencil, our web components are interoperable with Angular, React, Vue. This frees you from being locked to your current technology.

  • Framework agnostic

  • Fully themeable

  • Easy to use

  • Major browser support

  • Any platform

  • W3C standard

Beautiful design, but still themeable

The ORGENIC UI web component library comes with a theming system, that is based on more than 10 years of acquired experience in creating software applications with strong user interfaces. This is why switching between themes is extremly easy.

Easily expandable

This web component library can be the starting point for your project. Feel free to enrich your applications with these web components. In case you miss a component, feel free creating your own.

Here are some examples built with ORGENIC UI: 


Simple interaction element for triggering main actions in your application.

Radio Button

Basic element for making a single choice from predefined options.


Basic element for choosing between multiple predefined options.


Simple interaction element for selecting a value from a list of predefined values.

Toggle Switch

Basic element for de- / activating a feature.


Basic input element to be used in forms.


Basic element for listing and selecting content.

Many more to come...

We have a backlog full of ideas. Be curious!


The current state of ORGENIC UI is just the beginning of our journey.
Here is the plan how it will continue:

Contact us!

Do you have any questions how to work with ORGENIC UI? Are there any additional web components you would expect to be part of ORGENIC UI? Or do you need more support in your project by needs of workforce or trainings? Feel free to contact us!


To get the most out of the concepts of ORGENIC UI, we would be glad to get some feedback.